Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Quick Tip: Reds Lips That Won't Feather

I absolutely hate it when you have a bright red lipstick that starts to migrate off your lips after a while, making you look like you just ate spaghetti...An easy fix for that is to take a q-tip and lightly dip it into some translucent powder and trace the outside of you lips.  If you want to take an extra step, you can then line your lips with a sharpened lip liner (either the matching color of you lipstick or a nude one-which I normally use because I don't have a lipliner for every lipstick I have.)  Lastly put on that bright beautiful color!  Even if you don't do the liner liner step...the loose powder should help a lot.  Happy lipsticking!!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Dolce and Gabbana Mosaic Collection: Rose Embellished Golden Cage Wedges

From the winter13/14  Dolce and Gabbana Mosaic Collection at the Paris fashion show, this entire collection was full on glitz and glamour and very lady like.  One of my favorites were these rose embellished golden caged wedges.  Talk about over the top... they are so pretty that they shouldn't even be on anyones feet.  I would probably never wear them but if I were to ever get on hands on these I'd just stare at them all day =)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Can't Wait for Summer!

It has been so cold over here in Northern California....I'm looking at summer things just to keep my brain warm.  I love this suit! I saw this bathing suit on pintrest and can't figure out where to get it! Guess it will just have to be my inspiration to get in shape...

Monday, February 11, 2013

Quick Tip: Toilet seat covers to absorb face oil????

I've taken a long break but I'm back!!  Today I wanted to share with you the emergency-fresher-upper....We all love those oil absorbing sheets like the clean and clear ones but when we run out or have no place to stash them (like at a club when our faces are gross, and sweaty and shiny and the ONLY room we have to stuff in our bras is our cash, id, and a lipgloss)- I say... grab a toilet seat cover!  Rip a small piece off and blot away!  This totally works to get off the shine and absorb the oil.  I know it sounds weird...but when you are desperate and need to choose between stuffing oil absorbing sheets or makeup in your bra...I'd choose the makeup everytime=)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Quick Tip: Pain-free Eyebrow Plucking with Orajel!

 Orajel® Cold Sore Cream

For pain-free plucking try rubbing a layer of numbing gel like Orajel (cold sore, canker sore medicine) around your brow in the areas you pluck.  Orajel helps numb the area so that plucking is pretty much pain free especially in the sensitive area above your eye.  Just be care not to get it in your eye!  Also, another tip is to pluck after you shower so that the warm water opens your hair follicles and softens the hair making for easy removal.  Try to not pluck right before your period as well since this is when skin is the most sensitive.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Quick Tip: How to Keep Lashes Curly

For those of you with lashes that have a have a hard time staying curled, use waterproof mascaras.  Find the waterproof version of your favorite mascara and use that instead since they hold curls better and are usually a little drier that their non-waterproof version.  Use an oil based makeup remover or cleansing oil to avoid too much rubbing when removing since waterproof mascara is much harder to take off.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Quick Tip: Other Uses for Dry Shampoo

dry shampoo
Dry shampoo is not just for cleaning hair in between washes.  For extra texture, volume and grip try spraying some dry shampoo into your strands.  Just shake and tousle hair while spraying.  This trick is great for when you are trying to braid your hair or for up dos and buns, especially when your hair is newly washed and is too slick to manage.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

BB Cream!

Seems like lately, BB Creams, aka Blemish Balms, are popping up everywhere.  They've actually been around for a over a decade now and I tested some out a few years ago but back then it was little known in the U.S. and mainly very popular overseas for Asian women.  BB Creams originally were invented for the purpose of a soothing balm for patients that underwent laser skin treatments.  Surgeons and dermatologists would have their patients use this balm to regenerate and protect the skin after these strong skin treatments. 

Its popularity started later when the Korean beauty markets starting using it for beauty purposes only.  It became popular because it was lighter than foundation, acted as a moisturizer and protected and treated skin.  Once celebrities took notice, this stuff spread like wild fire and now its making its way over to the U.S.  

Since people have been asking me about BB Creams I decided to pick Dr. Jart's Premium Beauty Balm, SPF 45, (mainly because its summer and has higher SPF then other brands.)  I also choose this brand because Dr. Jart's is one of the earlier pioneers of the BB Creams in Korea and it makes me feel like they've had more time to perfect the product.  

I tried on the product and at first wasn't very sure if I liked it that much.  I don't normally wear foundation so it did feel like I had a thin layer of something on my face and I also looked ashy when I had just put it on.  However, I continue on with the rest of my makeup and after a few minutes it finally sinks into your skin and looks pretty flawless to me.  After a few more tries I'm starting to really like this product A LOT. I don't have to put on concealer on several areas of my face anymore and it has a high SPF so I can skip the sunscreen step!  It hides pores well and moisturizes my face.  I still have to put moisturizer under it because I have very dry skin but for those of you that don't, this can definitely be a one step process for you.  Remember though, this is not a foundation, and that's why there is only one color, you need to let the product sink into your skin for a few minutes to blend beautifully.  I also have light to medium color skin so I'm not sure how this will work if you have really dark skin.  But other than that, I really love this product and highly recommend everyone to at least give this a try.  Its much better for your skin than foundation and treats it at the same time. Score!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Product Review: Favorite Face Sunblock!

Although we are a few months away from summer, I cannot express the importance of using sunblock year round.  It not only prevents skin cancers, but those of you that are obsessed about wrinkIes really should have been using the stuff everyday to prevent them in the first place.  But don't worry! Its not too late and you can reverse the signs of sun damage and prevent more by using a face sunblock everyday starting now!  

I have tried so many face sunblocks, and Neutrogena's  Ultra Sheer Liquid daily sunblock spf 70 has so far been my favorite for years now.  I use this stuff every single day.  It goes on non-greasy or sticky at all which is why it is my favorite.  Since sunblock is made to sit on top of skin, you'll want to moisturize first so that the sunblock does not block the moisturizer which unlike sunblock is suppose to be absorbed.  

My recommended steps in the morning are: 
1. cleanse/ toner/ moisturize face
2. put on a small layer of primer (specifically in areas that have larger pores because this     prevents sunblock from clogging pores) (please read my "Monistat" post for cheap primer!) 
3. sunblock
4. another layer of primer (this creates the smooth surface for makeup)
5. put on makeup 
6. powder last, to set your face

*remember to let each layer dry a little bit before putting the next layer on! (a small paper fan works!)